Overview of how the database upgrade to Unicode works.


    Applies to LDMS 9 upgrades.

    The following is an example of how upgrading to a Unicode database works. The provided example specifically sites an 8.7 database to demonstrate how the source database itself is upgraded in the process. This process all takes place behind the scenes, no user feedback is required outside of the settings configured in the database upgrade GUI in LANDesk setup. The same process applies to 8.8X databases, the upgrade begins at whatever version the source database is.



    A full backup of the database should be made prior to upgrading.

    The database being upgraded should not be in use by a live core during the upgrade. This pertains to users running a side by side core upgrade, the old core should have all the LANDesk services stopped including IIS (World Wide Web Publishing Service).



    1) The process begins with the source database container, this is the database in which the data will be upgraded to version 9. This database needs to be backed up prior to running the installation media. In this example the source database is at  version 8.7 SP6.

    2) In order for the database upgrade utility to migrate the data to the Unicode database container, the source must be upgraded to 8.8 SP3.

    3) Once the source database is upgraded to 8.8 SP3 (or later) it is now a valid candidate for the data to be migrated to the Unicode database.



    Once the data migration completes, the installation continues to the software setup. Then any additional data and tables are then added to the database.



    For version 8.8X directly to 9.0SP2